Jviation Announces New Inductees into the Associates Program

Jviation is pleased to announce the 2016 inductees of the company’s Associates Program. “Induction into Jviation’s Associates Program is awarded to employees who demonstrate a high-level of professionalism and leadership, and who contribute to the overall success of the organization,” said Jim Trott, Jviation President. “We feel it is important to acknowledge our employees for their contributions and loyalty to the company, and recognize that Jviation’s success is a direct result of our employees’ integrity and dedication to exceptional client service.”

The 2016 Associates Program inductees are:

  • Andy Remstad, Architect/Project Manager, Associate
  • Alex Nodich, Project Manager, Associate
  • Ryan Lorton, Project Manager, Associate

These three individuals will join the current members of the Associates Program which include:

  • Ben Gonzales, Engineering Manager, Associate Principal
  • Mark Lovato, Engineering Manager, Associate Principal
  • Jason Virzi, Engineering Manager, Associate Principal
  • Jennifer Newpower, Marketing Manager, Associate Principal
  • Joe Pestka, Senior Program Manager, Associate Principal
  • Hilary Fletcher, Director of Community and Governmental Affairs, Senior Associate
  • Paul Fiore, Deputy Project Manager, Senior Associate
  • Chris Giessing, Quality Control Manager, Senior Associate
  • Mike Quinn, Construction Manager, Senior Associate
  • Jon Weeks, Project Manager, Associate